There is also a free Student version o Capture Polar. Note that when receiving patch data from Capture along with fixtures having DMX addresses set in Capture, the channel number must also be set in Capture. Desciption of all this is in the MagicQ manual. When setting this up I definately think a visualiser would be of huge benefit. Also, When watching a tutorial for visualisation there is a shortcut on the desktop to open it. Google [Bot] and 0 guests.

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ChamSys MagicQ User Manual: Enabling Magicq To Output Wysiwyg Data

To run MagicQ PC and a Visualiser on two different systems then you need to ensure that both systems have their IP address and Subnet Address set up to be on the same network range – e. It runs on chamsye own and can be linked with MagicQ.

Some people like more Wysiwyg, others like more Capture Polar. My second chajsys is will ‘Capture Polar’ be a better option for visualisation?? Connecting to a Visualiser. I have recently decided to get a decent lighting rig together and have been advised to use Chamsys Magic Q.


This will download the Patch information from Capture to MagicQ. The visualiser would be something that can give me a basic idea of what is being programmed and how it is working. Thanks for your help.

There is also a free Student version o Capture Polar. My name is Mac and I am from Wales. Download Capture exe-demo file and have fun! So I really am at the start and guess what, a problem already. The protocol used to communicate between MagicQ and the Visualiser depends on the particular Visualiser. The information has been great and allowed me to get to a point to ask another question please.

Check that the network ports on the two PCs are configured to the same IP subnet, that they are enabled, and that you have configured MagicQ to use the wysiwg network port Setup, View Settings, IP address. Grateful for your help please. If it is a demo, don’t bother, won’t work!

Chapter Using MagicQ with other Visualisers

This part is not updated yet in the manual. Your information and time and effort is very much appreciated. Using MagicQ with other Visualisers.

A cheaper alternative is Capture Polar. This ensures the patch can be transferred correctly to the console. MagicQ supports transfer of patch and fixture selection information to and from Visualisers.


When performing an Auto Patch, MagicQ will report any fixtures that chqmsys can not match.

I will give it all a try and see if I can make progress. But there is a big difference wysiwyf price. CITP is an open protocol specific to Capture which enables both control of lighting and the transfer of the show patch between MagicQ and Capture. Google [Bot] and 0 guests. Users browsing this forum: MagicQ uses a fields in the personality to specify the Capture manufacturer name Make and Capture moving light name. Receiving Patch Data from Capture.

Enabling To Output Wysiwyg Data – Chamsys MagicQ User Manual [Page ]

It is a ready made project and you don’t need to install the Capture software itself. It does not install Wysiwyg!

I am on the cast website now and downloading the demo but as yet I have no idea of what the cost is.