No power to wall outlet. B Ensure reading is within specifications. This allows for the transfer of patient data between the device and IQmanager software. D Replacing the Battery Door Comfortable Behind the Neck design.

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The Fairbanks scale is self-zeroing.

Lithium batteries iqivtals electronic components should be recycled appropriately. Warning Failure to More information. Check that cuff is not too large for patient. Gently pull apart the front and rear covers of the unit. Put on gloves and protective eyewear.

Reassembly – Replacing the Main Board Step 1: Avoid frequent and prolonged blood pressure measurements, which can result in petechia, ischemia, purpura, or neuropathy. Device model number and serial number of the device to be serviced Part numbers and quantities of service parts to be ordered Payment information For payment details and placing an order contact Midmark Client Services: Green LED on power supply is lit.


It is a good idea to swap in a knownworking component to see where a problem lies. The design and features are subject to change without notice. This procedure requires the Test Program to be installed.

Midmark 9A629001 Iqvitals Table Mount With Usb And Serial Cables

Elevated levels of carboxyhemoglobin or methemoglobin can result in inaccurate pulse oximetry readings. Press the tie wraps against the bottom of the main board while tightening to avoid having extra slack. The BP circuitry contains a calibration potentiometer that is set at the factory.

If scale is out of range contact Midmark Support Services atoption 2, for further information. Insert one new tie wrap. Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, iqvktals or maintenance can injury or property damage.

Midmark IQvitals USB Cable

Test with a known-working cuff. Be sure to press the tie wrap against the bottom of the main board while tightening. Iqgitals problem persists, re-calibrate touch panel.

Center the pump over the outline on the new board. USB or serial cable not attached to device or Check cable connection.


It is taking too long to get a stable temperature. The touch panel calibration sequence will automatically restart if calibration is not successful.

Fairbanks scale feature not enabled device is configured to communicate with Udb with IQscale TM instead. Additional user information for your printer may be available in the “Manuals” section at support. Probe heating element not working. Close the unit by replacing: If problem persists, reseat display cable in connector on Processor Board.

MooreMedical is now McKesson

Class B devices have a Federal Communications More information. Secure the new board with the bracket and screws. If problem persists, iqvitalz Processor Board.

Weight is below scale capacity. Remove the paper from the stabilizer pad. D Replacing the Back Panel